Protect an elementary school kid this winter

#Operation Warm

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#Operation Warm

Give The Gift of Warmth


Operation Warm creates brand-new, high-quality coats and athletic-style shoes for children in need, offering a child both physical and emotional warmth.

The gift of a brand-new coat or shoes empowers children by sparking self-confidence in a way that second-hand clothing cannot. The gift of a new coat or shoes can help students attend school, socialize with their peers and play outside with pride.

Many families living in poverty struggle to provide necessities like food, housing, clothing and child care. The gift of a brand-new coat or pair of shoes offers hope to both children and their parents, reminding them there are those in their community that care about their well-being and future.

Can they count on you today?

OMOL MENTORING is embarking on this campaign and partnering with Operation Warm, to be that source of warmth for Baltimore's elementary school youth. Your donation today will give a child a winter coat, gloves, or a hat. The weather is forecasted to be a very cold winter, let's protect the kids!