Give a disadvantaged family a meal this holiday!

Give a disadvantaged family a meal this holiday! image




#Operation Hunger!


For 1 in 8 Baltimore families, this time of year can be a discouraging reminder of how hunger impacts their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

As you sit down to enjoy a holiday meal with your family, we ask that you take a moment to remember those struggling with hunger in your community and consider contributing your most generous gift to help us continue this vitally important work.

Can you give to feed hungry local families?

Every holiday season from November to New Year's, OMOL Mentoring has been supplying Holiday Meal Baskets to families in need. To date we have provided over 2800+ meals to disadvantaged families, regardless of financial status. Especially through Covid-19, many families' breadwinners became unemployed, are experiencing work hours being reduced, and loved ones lost lives adding to financial and mental health stress. Your act of kindness through giving could make a huge difference in someone's life tomorrow. Will you assist our campaign to feed 250 families this holiday?