Aviation provides disadvantaged youth a global occupation

Aviation provides disadvantaged youth a global occupation image

Aviation.... OPTFA:Bmore Fly!


Baltimore's youth are often LIMITED in their choices of occupations due to lack of exposure, lack of minority representation in the field of interest, lack of workforce development training and high-end cost of training for certification employment.

According to 2020 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 94% of the country's 155,000 aircraft pilots and flight engineers identified as white. Only 3.4% were Black, with just over 10% combined of pilots and engineers listed as Black, Latinx (5.0%), or Asian (2.2%). May 4, 2021

ZIPPA.com (The Career Expert) Sep 9, 2021 — Commercial Pilot Statistics By Race · White, 85.6% · Hispanic or Latino, 7.4% · Unknown, 2.8% · Black or African American, 2.1% · Asian, 2.0%

OMOL MENTORING is embarking on another pathway mission... Operation TakeFlight (OPTF). Our simple goal is to improve the numbers of BIPOC pilots over the next 10 years.

Starting with Aviation STEM specific activities for 5th - 8th grade and enrolling committed 11th graders in an after- school pilot ground school. Students will explore the skies and realize "NO DREAM IS UNREACHABLE" in the end. Initially, youth will acquire pilot ground certification, take some discovery flights, and possibly push to acquire their single engine pilot land certification.

We are asking for your giving today, so that tomorrow we can continue this hard work of pouring back into youth. Creating new pathways of occupations, empowering people's minds to dream the impossible is hard work. It takes time, partnerships, resources, and we cannot succeed without your financial gift. Please be a part of this movement by making a gift today.

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