Help a child get on the water

A donation can change a child's life.

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A donation can change a child's life.

Water Reduces Anxiety!

You Can Make a Difference on Giving Tuesday!

Support the Campaign to teach Youth Awareness about Aquatic Invasive Fish Species (AIFS) and mental wellness.

OMOL MENTORING c/o OPWWEE Giving Tuesday Campaign Get a Jump on Giving Tuesday and Schedule Your Donation Now!

When invasive species take hold, they can impact entire ecosystems and cause expensive damage to recreational fisheries. Not only do these non-native fish (Blue Catfish) have the ability to damage our ecosystem, put pressure on native fishes and young spat oysters (water filters) and reducing available habitat for local forage fisheries.

You can help OPWWEE address these accelerating problems by supporting our campaign to raise awareness, educate community members and youth, and provide tools and training to help limit the spread of invasive species across the Chesapeake Bay. This is our Giving Tuesday campaign here and contact at

  • Baltimore's youth are often surrounded by violence and anxiety-inducing stressors. Managing fear, stress, anxiety, depression - all symptoms of PTSD, can feel overwhelming.

In addition to reducing AIFS, Nature - the environment - and our wonderful waterways can provide a therapeutic approach to healing.

We can offer our youth a safe, relaxing space to gain a sense of independence, learn how to collaborate, and creatively problem-solve.

Your donation today will not only teach a young person how to reduce AIFS and conserve local waterways but will offer an opportunity for learning important life skills and give them a sense of peace and healing.

Can they count on you today?


Operation WaterWays Environmental Education (OPWWEE) is our year-round after school/summer program. OPWWEE is designed to increase the minority employment population of 20% in the marine and natural resource industry, over the next ten (10) years.

OPWWEE will accomplish our goal, by providing minority, middle/high school youth access to Maryland waterways through boating, kayaking, fishing, aquaculture, NAMEPA- Adopt A Ship program, hydroponics, and environmental climate conservation efforts to aide in sanitation efforts (such as cleaning up the river, streams, local seashores, beaches, urban farming, and environmental field trips). Our strategic impact is to desensitize 5th-11th grade, underserved minority youth from their everyday PTSD and violence that plague their communities. By fusing an outdoor living classroom with effective environmental stress management tools, youth will de-escalate conflicts.